Fort de la Rade, Ile d'Aix

The Fort de la Rade on the Ile d'Aix was built in 1703 as part of the system of fortifications protecting Rochefort. The first fort was built in the 1690s by Vauban. It was a small fort with coastal batteries and a Redan'on the landward side. However, these defences were proved insufficient in 1757, when British troops landed on the island and destroyed the fort. The fort was rebuilt in the 18th century and the relief map depicts an unconventional proposal for the fortification of the town. it was designed an engineer called Montalembert in the late 18th century, but was never carried out. After Waterloo, the Emperor spent three days on the island before he was exiled to St. Helena. The town was finally fortified in 1850, to a more conventional design.

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General view of the Fort de la Rade. On the left, the riverside front can be seen.
Detail of one of the towers.
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