Bayonne has been an important town since Roman times, when it was known as Lapurdum. The town was fortified by Louis XII, allowing it to repulse an attack by the Spanish in 1523. When Vauban'visited Bayonne in the 1670's, he proposed new outworks for the town's defences and constructed a quadrangular citadel'on the far bank of the Adour.

Bayonne, town (left) and citadel (right).

The citadel was improved throughout the following century, and the defences of Bayonne caused the British considerable difficulty in 1814. Click here for the full article on Bayonne

The citadel, with the town in the background. View of 'Grand Bayonne'.
View of 'Petit Bayonne'. View of Bayonne with the citadel in the foreground.
The bridge across the Adour, with the citadel on the left and the town on the right. Bayonne.
Town (left) and citadel (right). Bayonne seen from the south-west.
View of the citadel and the town. 'Petit Bayonne'.
Town (left) and citadel (right). The citadel.
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