The history of Antibes goes back to ancient times, and the first fortifications there were probably built by the romans. Possessing a large natural harbour, the town became an important stopping place for ships. Antibes became the only town between Marseille and the Italian border to be surrounded by ramparts. In addition to the bastioned walls around the town, a small fort of four bastions (fort carré) was constructed on the northern side of the harbour and a large bastion on the breakwater offered protection to the harbour itself.
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The harbour of Antibes with Fort Carré in the foreground. The town lies on the far side of the bay. The town of Antibes as seen from the seaward side.
A close-up of Fort Carré. Antibes from the landward side, Fort Carré can be seen towards the back left of the picture.
Detail of part of the landward defences. Detail of another part of the landward defences, showing one of the cavaliers on top of a bastion.
Detail of the water bastion. View of Fort Carré and the town.
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