Château Gaillard

The Château Gaillard, situated about halfway along the east jetty, was the smallest of Dunkirk's coastal forts. Mounting just 8 guns, it was a rectangular wooden platform on stilts. There was a small barrack building and a bridge linking the fort to the jetty. The Château Gaillard was built on a platform that was originally used during the construction of the jetties. Its purpose was to cover the area to the east of the jetties and protect the east jetty from an attack. This area was dry at low tide, so the attack that was foreseen here could have been made by small vessels at high tide or by troops at low tide. The fort's small guns could even have offered some support to the land defences of the northern side of the town. Since Dunkirk was never attacked by land and the naval attacks all concentrated on the jetty heads, it is unlikely that the Château Gaillard ever fired a shot in anger.

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